OHS Signs

Safety Signage

Does your business have appropriate OHS signage in place? Are your exits clearly marked in the event of an emergency?

We offer a range of OHS signage, including exit signs, braille signs and more. OHS signage is often a requirement by law and is intended to improve the safety of your employees and customers.

We offer a range of products to help brand your office with logos, artwork, advertising and more. Quality building signage increases customer awareness, improves wayfinding and navigation around your office and can often be part of OH&S requirements.

Australian standard signage

We can supply a wide range of safety signs in accordance with Australian Standard “AS 1319”.
A Standard is a published document which sets out specifications and procedures designed to ensure that a material, product, method or service is fit for its purpose and consistently performs in the way it was intended. The team at REDiNK Signs & Graphics can ensure your safety signage meets the AS1319 requirements.

Custom designed safety signage

Our graphic design team can create safety signage to meet your custom specifications. At REDiNK Signs & Graphics we develop concept artwork for client review and sign off to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our finished products.

OHS Signage Audits

We can help improve your organisations OHS policy by carrying out hazard identification to inform a choice of signage that complies with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements .

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Quick Tip: When designing artwork for a sign, take a less is more approach and your message will really stand out!